Temporary building relocation services

Sometimes you may need to relocate your portable buildings, either to a different part of your site or to a new site. If you hire a fleet of construction site buildings, for example, you may want to move them from one site to another as new projects begin. Or if you manage a fleet of temporary classrooms, you may need to move them around your area to schools that need extra space.

Relocate your buildings safely and efficiently  

To make the relocation process as simple and safe as possible, Pickerings offers a complete relocation service for all of its hired products - modular buildings, portable cabins and welfare buildings. Our specialist teams will disconnect, dismantle and remove buildings from one location and reassemble them to the same high standards at your new site.

Expert relocation services from the specialists

Choosing Pickerings to carry out this work gives you the assurance that portable buildings will be handled and relocated to the highest standard. It ensures your buildings will continue to provide high-quality accommodation no matter how many times they are moved.


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