Fire-rated Portable Cabins

Fire-rated and fire-certified means if a fire started in a Pickerings Fire-rated Cabin the building would contain that fire for half an hour before escaping to the outside. It also means if a fire started on the outside of the Pickerings Fire-rated Cabin it would be half an hour before the fire entered the cabin. The term is “half an hour in to out, half an hour out to in.”

The Fire-rated Cabin provided by Pickerings is designed to be used within 10 metres of an existing structure and/or the building under construction to comply with current guidance on fire safety. For those working in major cities where the risk of fire is greatest it provides the ultimate fire protection.

Our fire rated cabins are low maintenance security buildings designed and manufactured to meet clause 13.3 (Version 9) of the Joint Code of Practice on the Protection from Fire of Construction Sites and Buildings Undergoing Renovation and, therefore, offer the best of protection in the event of a fire.

Fire-rated cabins provided by Pickerings have been manufactured to the required specification that has been tested by Exova Warrington.

The window shutters of the fire rated cabin have stainless steel anti knockout hinges and hand grips and are fitted with heavy duty flush mounted finger bolts protected by 3mm deflection plate and anti-jemmy studs. The shutter door leaves are held back against the external wall during normal operating hours with a latching system. At night or during a fire emergency the doors are released to allow them to close against a steel catch. These shutters are designed to provide security and fire resistance.

In addition to aiding fire prevention, these fire-rated cabins are designed and manufactured to an Anti-vandal specification with robust steel construction giving resistance against theft and vandalism.

The Pickerings range of fire-rated cabins includes fire-rated office; fire-rated canteen; fire-rated canteen/changing room; fire-rated store; fire-rated toilet block; fire-rated shower block.