Fire-certified Modular Buildings

The high quality Pickerings fire-certified modular building system is a versatile and environmentally friendly solution where the highest demands of fire resistance, sound insulation and thermal insulation are required.

Pickerings range of modular buildings are fire certified and have been specifically designed to provide enhanced fire protection and are manufactured from non-flammable materials giving you reassurance about the safety and well-being of your people and property.

With high fire ratings and load bearings to meet wind and even earthquake load capacities, our fire certified modular building system offers you complete peace of mind regarding safety and security.

Providing a complete fire proof solution the façade wall panels of the fire certified modular building from Pickerings are made of “A1” class non-combustible materials, are completely recyclable and environmentally friendly with EI Fire resistance class certified (EI30-EI180)

Thermal and sound insulation is provided by various fireproof panels of 60 to 240mm thickness, thermal conductivity values (U) as low as 0.17W/m2K can be guaranteed as well as an Rw sound reduction of 32dB.

No matter whether you need a large open plan office or a mix of smaller and larger rooms with all the necessary facilities the layout options are endless. The strong steel frame allows Pickerings fire-certified modular buildings to be installed to single & douoble storey as standard (up to three storeys can be assessed on request).

Pickerings Fire Certified Modular Buildings provide:

Protection: maximised protection of people, animals, property and environment in case of fire.

Fire Resistance: long fire resistance in roof of two hours and walls of up to THREE hours.

Non-Toxic Smoke: non-toxic and non-deadly smoke is emitted during a fire.

Peace of Mind: tested and certified by international third parties.

Availability: ready now to buy, lease purchase or hire from Pickerings.

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