Smoking / Vaping Shelter

The Pickerings Portable Smoking / Vaping Shelter conforms to the Government’s Smokefree legislation and provides a controlled area where non-smokers will not be affected. It keeps the premises free from unsightly mess and secure from risk of fire from discarded cigarettes.

The Pickerings Portable Smoking / Vaping Shelter provides a designated area for smokers, where they will be protected from the weather, with the shelter design allowing for quick dispersal of cigarette smoke.

It is suitable for all occasions and industries, including corporate functions, and the ideal portable smoking shelter for office and construction site workers.

The anti-vandal steel construction removes risk of fire and provides ample space for up to 12 people with a full length seating rail providing comfort with a cigarette bin for safe and tidy disposal.

This portable shelter could also be used as a separate vaping area. Giving up smoking is difficult and employers could help support employees with this shelter which would keep people away from smoke and help them resist the urge for a cigarette.

In some industries where there is a heavy flow of traffic and there is a risk of injury from accidents companies have used a Pickerings portable smoking / vaping shelter as a designated area for workers to use their mobile phones away from busy roadways.