Storage Units

Store plant and equipment on site with confidence. To reduce break-in opportunities, our storage units are windowless and fitted with high-security door locks. 

Our storage units are manufactured entirely from steel, with corrugated sidewalls to provide strength and rigidity. Their robust construction combined with high-security features make them the safest way to store valuable items in unattended, remote or urban sites. Each Pickerings secure steel storage unit has double doors, conveniently fitted with door retainers which open outwards to allow the storage of materials and items of plant and equipment. Each unit is fitted with a high security locking system giving peace of mind to the user and resistance to theft and vandalism.

If you need to leave valuable plant and equipment on sites where they are at risk of theft or vandalism, hiring a secure storage unit gives you the confidence that your property will be well protected.

Anti-vandal stores

Pickerings offers secure steel storage units in a range of sizes ranging from 10’ x 8’ to 32’ x 10’.  To maximise your storage space we provide storage unit racking that can be fitted to one or two sides of the container.

We have shown at the bottom of this page a selection of the Pickerings Anti-vandal storage units as well as anti-vandal portable buildings that contain a seperate store. The buildings shown are available to hire from Pickerings depots nationwide and have been specially selected because they are the most popular choices of our customers, the most readily available and offer the best value for money.

Should you require an anti-vandal store that is different from those portable buildings shown, our staff will be pleased to discuss your needs and we will do our best to provide you with a solution.

All Pickerings Anti-vandal Storage Units are subject to availability. All sizes are shown are nominal and should be used as a guide. Due to continuing product development layouts and specifications may change without notice.

High-top stores

The High Cube Plant Store is ideally suited for secure storage of large plant and machinery. Providing more height than standard storage containers, the high-top plant store is designed to house larger plant and machinery. This container has the capacity to securely store equipment such as 7m telehandlers, mini excavators up to 5 tonnes, rollers and dumpers (with fold down ROPS). The high-top plant store features a reinforced floor, high-security padlock, a purpose-built lock box and doors fitted with dowel bars for extra security.

COSHH stores

The Pickerings COSHH Store provides strong and durable purpose built chemical storage for safely locking away all those hazardous substances including paint, oil and chemicals. Constructed in steel the Pickerings COSHH Store has a raised grated floor above the buns with a lockable door it is vented to allow air flow inside. Steel shelving increases the effective storage space.

Mobile stores

Each of these mobile secure stores has double doors, conveniently fitted with door retainers, opening outwards to allow the storage of large items of plant and equipment. Each door is internally hinged for added security and fitted with an integral 5 lever lock with additional provision for a padlock. Easily towed, one person operation secured and manoeuvred on site. The Pickerings mobile steel store is perfect when you need to move around and keep your equipment secure.

Lined and insulated stores

Offering additional protection, our lined and insulated stores provide a dry and secure stoage soluation for items that need extra care. 

Storage containers

Our 20" x 8" steel storage container is an industry standard shipping container proviing a flexible storage solution for your site.

Pickerings Anti-vandal Steel Container Store 21 x 8

Pickerings Anti-vandal Office and Store 21 x 9

Pickerings Anti-vandal Canteen and Store 21 x9

Pickerings Anti-vandal Canteen and Store 24 x 9

Pickerings Anti-vandal Office and Store 24 x 9