Modular buildings designed around your needs

Pickerings modular buildings give you the flexibility to create buildings of any size or configuration, to meet your specific requirements.

Our modular building specialists can design a building layout to accommodate any number of people, and to fulfil a whole range of applications, from offices, healthcare buildings or classrooms, to construction site complexes and welfare facilities.

Why modular buildings?

Cost Options - Modular buildings provide you with an immediate solution to requiring more space, without the need for large investment.

Bespoke Layout - No size fits all and our Modular building layout is built around your specific requirements around size, interior requirements and location limitations.

Future Expansion - Modular buildings allow you to easily adapt to your future requirements further down the line by easily adding further modular buildings as per your requirements, with little cost required compared to traditional extension.

We provide a range of different modular building systems that all offer exceptional build quality, energy efficiency, fire safety, acoustic and thermal insulation.

Visit our product pages to find out more about which range would suit you: