Toilet & Shower Units

Pickerings provides a wide range of portable toilets and portable showers along with the necessary associated services.

Our product range includes a wide range of different toilet and shower blocks to meet your specific site requirements. We have recently introduced new portable toilets to help improve social distancing in the workplace. Amongst our most popular portable toilets and showers are:

5 Person Toilet Block with Seperate Entrance Doors:

Designed to assist with social distancing this 21' x 8' (6.4m x 2.4m) or 20' x 8' (6.1m x 2.4m) portable toilet block has 5 separate toilet cubicles each with an external door to help people avoid close contact with others. Each toilet cubicle has ample space and includes; a w.c; wash hand basin with taps for hot and cold running water for safe hand-washing; hand dryer; tubular heater; bulkhead light with PIR sensor to save energy. 

1+1 Toilet:

Available with or without integrated effluent tank with built -in steps. Can be connected to mains water or supplied with water tank and pump. When connected to the mains water and sewerage system, you can supply hot water for hand washing, and cold water for toilet flushing for maximum cleanliness and comfort.

2+1 Toilet:

The Anti-vandal 2+1 toilet provides the following in two compartments: Two toilets, urinals, hand washing facilities and one single toilet with hand washing facilities alongside a separate external door access.

3+1 Toilet (16’ x 9’ and 20’ x 8’):

The Anti-vandal 3 + 1 toilet provides the following in two compartments: Three toilets, urinals, hand washing facilities and one single toilet with hand washing facilities with separate external door access.

2+1 Toilet + Shower (20’ x 8’):

This portable toilet and shower block is fitted with 2 x urinals, 2 x waste closets, 2 x wash basins with a separate female toilet and wash hand basin. It has a single shower installed in the male end of the unit.

6+1 Toilet + Shower (32' x10')

Designed for a large workforce this Anti-Vandal toilet and shower block consists of 6 x urinals, 6 x wash handbasins, 6 x toilets on the male side. A female toilet is in a separate compartment with its own access. Comes with a separate single shower.

Effluent Tanks and Steps:

Tank capacities available 250 - 1200 gallons. Steps available to suit all sizes of toilet blocks.

Pickerings offer a complete service by not only providing your toilets and showers but also removing waste from effluent tanks and replenishing fresh non-drinking water.

As a registered waste carrier we have all the equipment and permits needed to collect waste from effluent tanks and portable toilets.

Using our fleet of modern vehicles, we offer an effluent tank emptying service to all customers.

Pickerings Anti-vandal Portable Toilets and Showers Layouts

We have shown below a selection of the Pickerings Anti-vandal toilets and showers. These portable buildings are available to hire from Pickerings depots nationwide and have been specially selected because they are the most popular choices of our customers, the most readily available and offer the best value for money.

Should you require a layout different from those portable buildings shown, our staff will be pleased to discuss your needs and we will do our best to provide you with a solution.

All Pickerings portable toilets and showers are subject to availability. All sizes shown are nominal and should be used as a guide.

Due to continuing product development layouts and specifications may change without notice.

Pickerings Portable Toilet 1+1, Pickerings Portable Toilet 2+1

Pickerings Anti-vandal Portable Toilet 3+1

Pickerings Anti-vandal 32 x 10 Canteen & 2+1 Toilet

Pickerings 1+1 Portable Shower, Pickerings Portable 2+1 toilet & shower