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Hire or buy your complete construction site set-up from Pickerings

Pickerings has been supporting construction companies nationwide with robust reliable, secure site accommodation since 1969. You can hire everything you need for your complete site set-up from Pickerings, including portable offices, canteens, welfare units, toilets, changing rooms, storage and smoking shelters, as well as all the ancillaries required for a smooth-running site.

And as a registered supplier to the Considerate Constructors Scheme, achieving "Performace Beyond Compliance", you know you're in safe hands with Pickerings.

Safe, secure portable buildings to protect your assets

Our steel anti-vandal portable cabins are a popular choice on many building sites, since they can be locked up and shuttered overnight and at weekends to protect your valuable tools, plant and equipment. For more information please visit Pickerings anti-vandal cabins page. On remote or greenfield sites with no access to mains power or water, we can supply generators, water and fuel bowsers and effluent tanks from our Pickerings+ range to provide all the services you need.

Choose stand-alone cabins or integrated modular buildings with wide open spaces

You can choose to hire any number of stand-alone anti-vandal portable cabins, from a single gatehouse to a suite of storage, office and welfare buildings. Or we can create an integrated office and welfare building using our versatile, energy-efficient modular building system. To maximise the available footprint on site, we can install modular buildings up to three storeys high, complete with access steps and landings. For information on modular buildings with unlimited layout options suitable for construction sites please visit Pickerings Prima modular buildings page.

Of particular interest to house builders is the Pickerings Marketing Suite that comes with all the necessary facilities and available to buy or lease purchase. 

Safe, professional building installation

Pickerings installation teams work to the strictest safety standards on site, ensuring your buildings are fitted out and ready to use in time for the start of your construction programme.

Social distancing solutions in the fight against Coronavirus (Covid-19 and the new variant VUI-202012/01)

In the fight against the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) and the new variant VUI-202012/01 we're supporting many building contractors by providing portable cabins and modular buildings that give loads of space for social distancing. To give workers the minimum space of 2 metres between each other we're providing open plan canteens; open plan offices; changing rooms; portable toilet blocks with separate cubicles each with it's own external entrance door; washing facilities and a whole host of site accommodation solutions to help protect construction workers.


Read a case study from a construction customer about the high standard of Pickerings modular buildings on a construction site or another about Pickerings Anti-Vandal portable cabins being the best they've ever used.

Pickerings modular building being used as an office
Pickerings modular building being used as an office complex
Pickerings modular building as a canteen
Pickerings modular building being used as a canteen
Pickerings modular building with changing room
Pickerings modular building with a workers changing room
Pickerings modular building as an office complex
Pickerings modular office building