Fire safety building solutions to protect your people and assets

It is ideal for use on sites in major cities to provide the ultimate fire protection.

The Pickerings range of fire-rated cabins and fire-certified modular buildings has been independently tested to confirm that they meet the requirements of The Joint Code of Practice on the Protection from Fire of Construction Sites and Buildings Undergoing Renovations 9th Edition (JCOP).

That means they comply with all the latest legislation on fire safety to protect your people and property. Fire-rated buildings feature non-combustible steel construction and non-combustible insulation materials to provide enhanced fire-resistance.

Pickerings offers two types of fire safety building solutions

Fire-rated portable cabins: a stand-alone portable cabin suitable for many applications, including offices, canteens and changing rooms.

Fire-certified modular buildings: our versatile modular building system can be used to create buildings up to three storeys high, offering approved fire safety for all occupants and visitors. The wall panels in the Pickerings fire certified modular building has a fire resistance of up to 3 hours.

An information sheet on the Pickerings Fire-certified modular building and Pickerings Fire-rated portable cabins can be viewed and downloaded at the foot of this page.

Pickerings Safety Building Solutions

Details on the Pickerings Fire Safety Building solutions for modular buildings and site accommodation that comply with JCOP.

(PDF, 374 KB)

Download file - Pickerings Safety Building Solutions