Building design by the modular building experts

It’s essential when you hire or buy a modular building you ensure it is tailored for the specific requirements of your business or organisation. That’s when you need the expertise of our modular building designers.

Optimum building layout and configuration

Our building designers will listen to your requirements and assess your site so that we can design the optimum modular building for your needs, for the site conditions and for the number of people you need to accommodate.

From our knowledge and experience, gained over many years of supplying modular building solutions, we know how to make the best use of space, using the capabilities of our modular building system to create just the right building for you.

Flexible modular building system

With Pickerings you have a choice of modular building specifications. Our versatile top of the range Principal modular building system not only offers the flexibility to create buildings of any size or configuration but also complies with Building Regulations. Our finished modular buildings consist of a given number of building modules, often referred to as building slices, assembled on site to create your overall building size. Modules can be designed to be installed end-to-end or side-by-side to create the overall final modular building size and configuration you require.

Modular buildings can incorporate a wide range of facilities and amenities to meet your needs and is only restricted by the amount of space available on your site. We can overcome problems of restricted site space by installing at two or three storeys to provide you with everyting you'll need.

Where there are no site restrictions and your business continues to grow you may need more space for your people. In these cases we can extend your modular building or, alternatively, install a separate modular building alongside your existing one. If you decide to downsize in the future we can simply reduce the number of building modules on site.

All the amenities and extras you need

We can design buildings as single or multi-storeys to maximise the space available on your site. Building designs can include everything from open space offices, smaller offices, kitchens and canteens to toilets, washrooms, showers and any other amenities you may require. And with a wide choice of products and services included in our Pickerings+ range we've got everything you need for a well equipped, fully functioning portable and modular building.

Build your ideal solution with our modular building tool

Our modular buildings are built around your specific requirements and the modules can be arranged to suit your needs.

Our modular building tool allows you to select from a range of unit types such as offices, kitchens and classrooms, and arrange the units to create a modular building solution which meets your requirements.

Simply follow the link below to get started, and once you’re happy with the layout of your modular building, you can submit it to us to discuss your project.

If you have requirements for a particularly large project, please contact our sales experts to discuss this in more detail.

Try Our Modular Building Tool