JSJ Construction, Kettering, Northamptonshire




Anti-Vandal Cabins


JSJ Construction is a Midlands based contractor that was awarded a contract to create concrete slabs for a new truckstop just off the A14 in Northamptonshire.

The completed project would provide parking for over 200 vehicles and with work set to start on a greenfield site of 15 acres the workforce of 35 people needed a range of temporary office and welfare facilities whilst on site.

There was a need for the facilities to be resistant to theft and vandalism to give peace of mind that equipment was safely locked away during the project. To meet all the requirements Pickerings Anti-Vandal portable cabins were chosen to provide all the necessary solutions.

Pickerings delivered and installed steel Anti-Vandal cabins from their local hire branch and created a double-stacked complex to form an open plan office, split office/meeting room, canteen and a changing room with access to the upper floor by a steel staircase and landing.

The complex was completed with a separate toilet block and secure steel store to house equipment and materials.

Pickerings also supplied a 16’ Power Pod with 100kVA generator to provide electricity to the cabins during the 6 months contract.

The Anti-vandal portable cabins from Pickerings on this project are to a high standard and are the best cabins we have used on any site - ever!

- Construction Director