Planning for the future with Pickerings

Recycle it Global Ltd (RIG) are an innovative engineering company driving technological advancements in solid and fluid waste sectors focused significantly on reducing the quantity of waste materials that are destined for landfill and mine waste facilities. Their cost-effective engineering solutions, not only deal with the most complex waste, but also provide qualifying and sustainable products back to global infrastructure. They are on a mission to open sites across the globe with our first facility being in Scorrier, Redruth, Cornwall. Each site they open is taken through four key pillars; feasibility, construction, operations, and research & development. After successfully completing the feasibility stage for RIG Scorrier they moved onto construction which identified an urgent need for a new modular cabin as the existing working environment was not suitable.

RIG needed a comfortable working environmental that was durable, smart, and provided a space for both RIG employees to conduct their daily activities but also for suppliers, partners, and all visitors to use when they’re on site. The temporary building needed a kitchen/break space plus a conference room, a viewing balcony of the plant and an open plan space for collaborative working.

The cabin needed to be re-located on site and this was met with challenging ground conditions. The Pickerings team overcame this by completing multiple site visits, liaised with external contractor to advise on foundation locations and communicated with the site regarding loading areas.

Overall they are very happy with the service Pickering’s have provided and have plans to continue using them for future sites Recycle it Global Ltd open, since having the cabin installed they have seen a wide range of benefits, including:

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

The cabin provides a centralised space for operations, improving workflow and communication among staff. This leads to increased productivity and a more streamlined process, essential for the efficient running of the wash plant facility.

Diverse Working Environment

The cabin serves as a multifunctional space accommodating various roles and departments. This diversity fosters collaboration and innovation, as employees from different backgrounds and expertise can easily interact and share ideas.

Employee Happiness and Well-being

The comfortable and well-equipped cabin significantly boosts employee morale and satisfaction.

Safety and Security

The properly constructed cabin ensures a safe working environment, protecting employees from harsh weather conditions and potential hazards.

Welcoming Space for Customers and Visitors

The well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing cabin creates a positive impression on customers and visitors. It is providing a professional space for meetings, negotiations, and tours, enhancing the overall reputation of the facility.

Increased Flexibility

The cabin can be designed to be flexible and adaptable to changing needs. This modular design allows for easy reconfiguration or expansion as the facility grows or evolves, ensuring the cabin remains a valuable asset for RIG for years to come.

We are very pleased with the design, construction, and installation of the cabin at our site by Pickering’s. The entire process, from the initial consultation to the final installation, was handled with great professionalism.The design team carefully considered our requirements and delivered a cabin that perfectly fits our needs. The quality of the construction is excellent, reflecting the use of high-grade materials and meticulous workmanship.The installation team was efficient and respectful of our property, completing the project on time and to our complete satisfaction and since installation if any changes or adaptions have been needed the Pickering’s team have been quick off the mark and supported us. We appreciate the hard work and dedication of the entire team and we highly recommend their services to anyone seeking quality cabin construction.

Philippa Sherrell

Head of Marketing, Recycle it Global Ltd