COVID-19 - Coronavirus - Measures to Limit Impact

We would like to share some important information in relation to the current situation with Covid-19.

Following guidance from the Government and the NHS and our own SHEQ department we have implemented an action plan that includes contingencies relating to the potential of any temporary depot closures and increased employee absence.

Stock Availability

We currently have strong availability of our hire fleet of modular and portable units at this stage and do not foresee any shortages as we are working with our supply chain to ensure continuity.

 Where possible, we do recommend taking into consideration:

  • Contacting us to forecast, order or reserve your forthcoming requirements to ensure continuity of supply for the start of your projects
  • Review any projects where our products have been specified or quoted and make us aware when you require them

Delivery & Collections

We have one of the largest lorry loader fleets in our industry as well as a large database of sub-contract lorry loader suppliers. At this stage we are confident of meeting and agreeing future planned delivery and collections.

We have implemented a rule that will delay the check for damages of off-hired units for 7 days, in that, lorry loader operators, when collecting, are required to not access any unit. Upon return to depots, units will be quarantined for a suitable period before being checked for damages and cleaned. 

Depot and Office Closures

We have put in place a contingency plan should any of our depots have to close. Telephones will be immediately diverted to the nearest Pickerings location for continuity. Products and services will be prepared and provided from our network of branches throughout the UK.

Workforce Absence

Where workforce absence occurs, some disruption to the provision of service fitters to carry out remedial and maintenance issues is a likely outcome. Our Service Fitters function nationwide and therefore there is likelihood of a delayed response due to the additional distance to be covered to address any shortfall of more local personnel.

On order to take the best actions possible to protect our workforce, customers and supply chain, we will continue to monitor advice from the Government and NHS and provide any updates where necessary.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information. Contact details for your local Pickerings depot are shown on our Contact Us page.