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  • A range of solutions for all industries

Temporary and permanent buildings for every industrial or commercial requirement

The wide variety of portable buildings, anti-vandal cabins and modular buildings available to hire, buy or lease purchase from Pickerings gives you the opportunity to use portable accommodation for many industrial and commercial applications - either as temporary or permanent building solutions. That includes multi-storey modular office complexes for any number of people, robust gatehouses, secure storage containers, smoking shelters, canteens and toilet facilities.

Secure anti-vandal cabins for industrial sites

Our range of secure anti-vandal cabins is especially popular on industrial sites that may be unoccupied at weekends, giving you the peace of mind that your valuable plant and equipment is safe from theft. Our modular building range includes fully Building Regulations compliant and fire-rated buildings, assuring you of high-quality, safe and comfortable workspaces for your staff.

Hiring is the flexible, risk-free way to expand your premises

Hire, buy or lease purchase modular buildings and portable cabins is the flexible way to provide the extra facilities or workspace you need, without committing capital expenditure to constructing new buildings. It means you can downsize easily at any time, or add extra accommodation if your business identifies new requirements. It’s the flexible, risk-free way to create all the workspace you need for your growing business. 

Social distancing to help fight Coronavirus (Covid-19 and the new variant VUI-202012/01)

Until businesses return to normal working conditions after Covid-19 and the new variant 202012/01 have eased company premises may not have sufficient space to ensure the adherance of social distancing. Pickerings has ample building solutions readily available to provide social distancing to industrial and commercial users. Our solutions provide more personal space for your workforce in enabling people to be at least two metres away from each other in line with Government guidelines. Pickerings modular buildings provide the best solution to protect people with open plan offices; open plan canteens; open plan changing rooms; temporary portable toilet blocks with separate cubicles each with its own external entrance door; washing facilities and a wide range of building solutions for social distancing. For a smaller workforce Pickerings portable cabins are also available to help keep workers two metres apart.


Read case studies from Pickerings industry and commerce customers to see the high praise they give us about our modular buildings and portable cabins.

Pickerings modular building being used as an office
Pickerings modular building with open plan office
Pickerings modular building as an office complex
Pickerings modular building being used as an office complex