Fully self-powered site welfare mobiles and static cabins

If you need to provide office, toilet and canteen facilities for site workers, you will find everything you need in the Pickerings self-powered welfare range.

Self-contained building for sites with no mains utilities

This fully self-contained portable building features office space, a canteen area and kitchen, a drying area and chemical toilet, as well as a generator room and water tank. It’s the ideal option on remote or greenfield sites where there is no mains power or utility connection, enabling you to provide comfortable, fully serviced facilities for your team.

Compact, cost-effective site welfare accommodation

Each unit can accommodate up to eight site workers in comfort. It meets HSE requirements, and includes anti-vandal features such as a steel double-locking door system and internally secured steel window shutters. It is highly energy efficient and incorporates all the latest environmental and safety features, making it the cost-effective way to provide all the on-site amenities you need.

Static and mobile units available to meet your needs

You can choose a static self-powered welfare unit, which will be sited safely and professionally by our team, or a mobile which can easily be towed around your site or transported to new locations. Both static and mobile units offer the same interior layout and security features.

Find out more information by visiting Pickerings anti-vandal mobiles and Pickerings anti-vandal welfare units pages.