Secure container storage for valuable assets

If you need to leave valuable plant and equipment on sites where they are at risk of theft or vandalism, hiring secure storage containers gives you the confidence that your property will be well protected.

Store plant and equipment on site with confidence

Pickerings offers secure steel storage containers in a range of sizes ranging from 10’ x 8’ to 32’ x 10’. To reduce break-in opportunities, these container stores are windowless and fitted with high-security door locks. Access is via full-height, double doors, enabling large items of machinery or plant to be stored securely and out of sight.

High-top plant store for large machinery

Providing more height than standard storage containers, the high-top plant store is designed to house larger plant and machinery. This container has the capacity to securely store equipment such as 7m telehandlers, mini excavators up to five tonnes, rollers and dumpers (with fold down ROPS). The high-top plant store features a reinforced floor, high-security padlock, a purpose-built lock box and doors fitted with dowel bars for extra security.

Robust construction and high-security features

Our storage containers are manufactured entirely from steel, with corrugated sidewalls to provide strength and rigidity. Their robust construction combined with high-security features make them the safest way to store valuable items in unattended, remote or urban sites.

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