Power supplies for your temporary accommodation

Providing power to any temporary accommodation, whether a portable cabin or a modular building, is straightforward and cost-effective when you hire a generator from Pickerings.

Clean, reliable power for your buildings                          

We offer a full range of silenced and super-silenced power generation sets, which provide clean, stable power for construction sites, hired buildings, outside events or for secure back-up systems. Our generators offer a power range from 2kVA up to 100kVA, with single and three-phase power options available.

Low-noise mobile generators for portable power

You can also choose to hire a mobile generator for a more portable way to provide essential power. Our mobile generators range from a handy 6kVA set, up to a substantial 25kVA diesel unit fitted to a tow trailer. The 25kVA set can be fully canopied and silenced to whisper-quiet levels, making it ideal for use in urban or noise-sensitive locations. Click here for more details on Pickerings generators.

Plug-and-play welfare service pods

For sites with no mains power, water or services, we offer an entirely self-contained welfare service pod. The unit has been designed to provide constant water and electrical supplies. It features a 1000-litre water tank with a mains-pressure water pump, a super-silenced generator in a range of power configurations, and a 1000-litre bunded fuel tank – all housed in a secure, anti-vandal steel container. A simple-to-use distribution board and water outlets make this a plug-and-play unit that is quick and easy to set up.

Hire power supply ancillaries

All generators for hire comply with HSE regulations on emissions and noise. You can also hire all the ancillaries you need from Pickerings, including fuel tanks, extension leads and distribution panels in single-phase or three-phase formats.