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Planning Your Modular Building Layout

What is the impact of a poorly designed work environment? Or workspace that is forever looking messy and cramped?

More and more evidence is pointing to this being a contributor to lower staff morale and output as well as negative association with your own brand.

The ability to provide workspace that doesn't just meet today's needs but allows for tomorrow's expansion makes modular buildings the most progressive way to provide first class staff accommodation.


  • Quick and efficient installation removes months of construction costs and disruption - for details visit our Services page.
  • Removes the necessity of large CAPEX - visit our Projects page for examples of how businesses have benefitted from our work.
  • Provides everything that traditional structures offer - more information on our Building Design page.
  • A modular building system is no different to a traditionally constructed solution in that the layout is limited only by your imagination.
  • Can easily be linked to your existing premises to integrate with your current facilities.

Hire, buy or lease purchase. 

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Here are a few things you might consider when planning the layout of your Pickerings modular building:


Recent trends in office layout have moved towards open plan working. Many construction companies want those employees working on site to have the same standard as if they were working back in their main office. A modular building from Pickerings can easily incorporate an open plan office environment by installing modules either end-to-end or side-by-side. The size of the open plan area is only limited by the size of your overall modular building. Many businesses prefer to have a number of smaller offices for managers or for those needing to work confidentially in addition to an open plan area. Other larger offices such as drawing offices or functional departments should also be considered.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid-19) we've gained lots of knowledge and experience in providing social distancing solutions to protect your people and visitors and helping to stop the spread.

Meeting Rooms

No matter how big or small your business there often doesn’t seem to be enough meeting rooms or break-out rooms available when needed. We would highly recommend you incorporate ample meeting rooms in your modular building layout. When deciding on the size of your meeting room consider the total number of employees that are most likely to meet at any one time. Lack of planning for this can often mean there isn’t enough seating space for everyone.

Induction/Training Room

Many organisations are constantly recruiting new starters due to business expansion or employee churn and you’ll need to ensure you have adequate space for their induction training programme. Consider how many people you’re likely to need to accommodate in your modular building and whether they’ll be in a cinema style or will need tables and chairs.


For a larger modular building complex a reception area is a must. Consider the receptionist’s working area, first impressions as well as adequate space for visitor’s seating.

Changing Room

Depending on the types of job roles on site you might need to incorporate male and female changing facilities in your modular building. If people are working outdoors they may need to change workwear when arriving on site or mid-shift especially during inclement weather, winter time or night working. Consider whether you’ll need to include coat hooks and bench seating in your modular building as well as lockers for workwear and personal belongings.

Canteen Seating Area

For meal breaks and refreshments, no matter the size of your workforce, a canteen seating area is essential for the well-being of your people. An open plan area can accommodate a large workforce that could even occupy a whole building. This creates a pleasant rest area and can help team bonding during rest breaks.

Kitchen and Servery

To provide their workforce with a range of hot and cold food many businesses include a kitchen as part of their modular building. Easily accommodated into the overall building design it can include all the necessary cooking facilities for the well-being of your people.

Games Room

A games room has become a useful way for companies to boost employee engagement and can improve team-building. A study by the University of Warwick found that happiness made people around 12% more productive at work. Professor Andrew Oswald of the University of Warwick said that companies like Google had invested more in employee support and employee satisfaction that saw productivity increase by 37%.

Stress Relief Room

Businesses today are aware that employees who are tired and mentally drained are not performing at their best. When employees are relaxed and mentally recharged they can remain at their peak of creativity and productivity as well as having a positive effect on company culture. Providing a quiet room in your modular building where employees can relax, unwind and get away from the stresses of their job for a few minutes can help them tackle even the toughest jobs with renewed energy.

Prayer Room

Where an employee’s religion requires observance of particular prayer times during the working day this should be respected wherever possible. A specific room dedicated to prayers is far more beneficial than using a general meeting room which is often in high demand. This way some denominations and faiths are able to pray at appropriate times.


Separate male and female toilets can easily be accommodated in your modular building no matter whether you have a large or small workforce. Good quality porcelain sanitaryware provides hygienic toilet facilities.


Where the type of work involves employees needing washing facilities on site showers can be provided. Separate electric showers with instantaneous hot water will give your people a refreshing cleanliness after a hard day’s shift. Shower blocks can be single sex compartments or provided as separate male and female shower areas. Showers are very useful for employees of businesses operating the Cycle to Work scheme.

First Aid Point

When someone is injured or is unwell on site a First Aid room will allow them to be taken for immediate treatment or to await professional emergency medical services. This is particularly important where a site has specific site hazards. The First Aid room should be clearly signed and contain the necessary equipment and facilities contained within the Health & Safety Executive’s guidelines.

Social Distancing

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid-10) Pickerings has supplied a vast range of modular building and portable cabin solutions to protect people and to help stop the spread. We've worked closely with the Department of Health and Social Care to provide testing centres and vaccine centres all with the necessary social distancing. In construction, education and industry & commerce we've provided solutions for offices,meeting rooms, canteens,toilets and welfare facilities. We'll work with you to provide all the necessary modular buildings and portable accommodation solutions to keep your people and visitors safe.