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Eco Flex Modular Buildings

When you need to house a large workforce and prefer to have open plan style working environment a Pickerings modular building could be the perfect choice.

With unlimited design options and the ability to install up to three storeys the Eco Flex modular building can provide all the necessary facilities including large and small offices, meeting rooms, canteens, changing rooms and sanitary amenities all in one building. Access to the upper floors is provided by steel staircases and landings.

The Pickerings Eco Flex modular building is available nationwide and can be supplied, delivered and installed on your site very quickly. Each building module of 20’ x 8’ can be used as a single unit or combined to make up a large or small multi-storey modular building. Thought to increase employee satisfaction and improve team working the open plan working areas might be ideal in instances such as a construction project where several functions and trade disciplines need to work closely together.

The Pickerings Eco Flex modular building range offers: easy interchangeable wall panels made of galvanised metal sheet profiles; excellent heat and sound insulation; Passive Infra Red (PIR) controlled lighting; door closers to exterior doors; thermostatically controlled heaters with timers; excellent heat and sound insulation; can be expanded or minimised at any time; robust steel frame with container corners and forklift pockets; CEE exterior sockets, embedded in the container frame; gas filled double glazed tilt and turn windows; multi-locking windows and doors.

To find out how Pickerings Eco-Flex modular buildings provided temporary workspace solutions for our customers please visit our Projects page.