Steel Boot Wash

The Pickerings steel boot wash is a three person station that is the ideal solution when you need to remove mud from footwear and avoid transferring dirt to cleaner areas.

With three brushes the steel boot wash can help to speed up the process of workers leaving dirty areas before entering cleaner areas. It also avoids leaving muddy boot prints on carpets and vinyl in your offices and welfare areas as well as reducing wear and tear on your floor coverings. Using a Pickerings steel boot wash could even result in lower cleaning costs.

The steel boot wash is easy and quick to use with a simple hose pipe connection and isolation on/off taps. The removable foot plate helps you remove surplus mud and stones and keeps it in good condition. Forklift pockets allow the steel boot wash to be mechanically moved to another area.

For sites with a large workforce the three-person boot wash could be connected to another boot wash to increase usage and speed of people leaving dirty areas.

The steel boot wash could be used with your Pickerings portable cabins and modular buildings particularly those on construction sites, house building, roadworks, archaeology and outdoor events.