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Anti-vandal Welfare

Pickerings provides a range of mobile and static welfare accommodation including our energy saving Eco range. Our aim is to provide each of our customers with environmentally friendly, statutory compliant and economically beneficial welfare solutions.

Our range of self-powered welfare solutions includes:

NEW! 20' x 8' (6m x 2.4m) Ecosmart 20 "Air" Welfare Mobile: The ideal mobile welfare for up to 10 workers with energy efficient heating system it has a large canteen with table and ample bench seating. It has separate secure office space for 2 people. The toilet area has a sink capable of washing up to a forearm and a re-circulating flush tank toilet. The drying room has blown air heating and coat hooks. Power is via a diesel Kubota engine generator.

25' x 9' (7.6m x 2.7m) Eco Welfare Static (Referred to as Groundhog SWO7600 Fusion): The Pickerings 25’ x 9’ Eco Welfare Static is an anti-vandal solution using modern 12 volt technology. It meets HSE requirements for workers welfare and for resistance against theft and vandalism has a double locking steel personnel door and secured steel window shutters. It provides facilities for sanitary use, eating and office work and is suitable for up to 8 people. For more details of the Pickerings Eco Welfare Static 25 x 9 please see our layouts page.

12' x 8' (3.8m x 2.4m) Eco Welfare Mobile (referred to as Groundhog GP360 Fusion) and 16' x 8' (5m x 2.4m) Eco Welfare Mobile (referred to as Groundhog GP500 Fusion): The Pickerings Eco Welfare Mobile is a modern concept in 12 volt technology delivering cost effective and environmentally efficient, robust and easy to use ground-lowering, anti-vandal, site accommodation. While providing a green environmental solution it gives users energy savings by way of reduced fuel usage, fewer breakdowns and massively reduced noise pollution.

24' x 9' (7.2m x 2.7m) Standard Welfare Static: The Pickerings Standard Welfare Static is incredibly efficient and incorporates all the latest environmental and safety technologies with the added benefit of a spacious office. It meets HSE requirements, offers anti-vandal features which includes a steel personnel door with double locking system and internally secured steel window shutters providing all on-site needs in one compact , cost effective package. Suitable for accommodating up to 8 people it provides a pleasant and safe environment for most contractors. For more details of the Pickerings Standard Welfare Static unit please visit our layouts page.

12' x 8' (3.8m x 2.4m) Standard Welfare Mobile: The Pickerings Standard Welfare Mobile is suitable for accommodating 6 people providing a pleasant and safe working environment ideal for most types of contractor. Easily towed, it is a one person operation to secure and manoeuvre on site in less than 3 minutes. It has many safety features that make this mobile a highly secure choice for site workers.

An information sheet showing features and benefits of Pickerings Static Welfare solutions can be viewed and downloaded at the foot of this page.

Pickerings 25' x 9' Eco Welfare Static
Pickerings 24' x 9' Standard Welfare Static
Pickerings 12' x 8' Eco Welfare Mobile Canteen Area