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Pickerings Anti-vandal Office Layouts

Pickerings Anti-vandal Portable Office Layouts

We have shown below a selection of the Pickerings Anti-vandal portable offices. The buildings shown are available to hire from Pickerings depots nationwide and have been specially selected because they are the most popular choices of our customers, the most readily available temporary buildings and offer the best value for money.

These layouts are just a small selection from those available so should you require a layout different from those portable buildings shown, our staff will be pleased to discuss your needs and we will do our best to provide you with a solution.

All Pickerings portable offices are subject to availability. All sizes are shown are nominal and should be used as a guide.

Due to continuing product development layouts and specifications may change without notice.

Pickerings Anti-vandal Portable Office 12 x 8
Pickerings Anti -vandal Canteen & Office 21 x 8
Pickerings Anti-vandal Portable Office & Drying Room 21 x 8
Pickerings Anti-vandal Portable Office & Store 21 x 8
Pickerings Anti-vandal Canteen & Office 24 x 9
Pickerings Anti-vandal Open Plan Portable Office 32 x 10
Pickerings Anti-vandal Portable Office/Canteen/Office 32 x 10
Pickerings Anti-vandal Office/Entrance/Office 32 x 10