Anti-vandal Cabins

Pickerings anti-vandal cabins are the perfect solution when you are working off-site or you need workspace to house additional people on your existing premises. The benefit of being constructed in steel with a strong external door and steel window shutters provides peace of mind to the users and offers resistance to theft and vandalism.

Portable anti-vandal cabins are regularly used temporarily as site offices; canteens and changing rooms. There is a choice in the internal layout of Pickerings anti-vandal cabins including portable offices as open plan or partitioned to form separate working compartments.

A popular choice is to have the cabin split internally to form: office/store; office/canteen; canteen/store; office/changing room. Larger anti-vandal cabins of 32’ x 10’ can be split into 3 compartments such as: office/canteen/office; office/office/entrance hall.

Each Pickerings anti-vandal portable office comes complete with electric heating, lighting, electric power sockets and vinyl floor covering. Canteens would usually be provided with a sink unit.

When housing a larger workforce, particularly on restricted sites, a popular set up will include double stacked anti-vandal cabins with offices and meeting rooms in the upper floor and canteen and welfare facilities at ground level.

Pickerings will safely deliver, off-load and install anti-vandal cabins directly to your site and after connections have been made to relevant services your cabin is ready to use straight away.

The choice of anti-vandal cabins available to hire or buy from Pickerings includes the following sizes and layouts:

Pickerings Layouts

We have shown below a selection of the Pickerings Anti-vandal layouts for portable offices, changing rooms and cabins that include a canteen. The buildings shown are available to hire, buy or lease purchase from Pickering depots nationwide.

These layouts are just a small selection from those available so should you require a layout different from those portable buildings shown, a Pickerings portable office specialist will be pleased to discuss your needs and we will do our best to provide you with a solution.

All Pickerings portable cabins are subject to availability. All sizes are shown are nominal and should be used as a guide.

Due to continuing product development layouts and specifications may change without notice.

Pickerings 21' x 8' (6m x 2.4m) Portable Canteen

Pickerings 21' x 8' (6m x 3m) Portable Office Open Plan

Pickerings 24' x 9' (7m x 2.7m) Portable Office Open Plan

Pickerings 24' x 9' (7m x 3m) Portable Office with Two Rooms

Pickerings 32' x 10' (9m x 3m) Portable Canteen and Changing Room

Pickerings 32' x 10' (9m x 3m) Portable Cabin with Office, Corridor, Office

Pickerings Anti-Vandal Portable Cabins Info Sheet

Details on the features & benefits of Pickerings Anti-Vandal portable cabins to provide temporary workspace with resistance to theft & vandalism.

(PDF, 516 KB)

Download file - Pickerings Anti-Vandal Portable Cabins Info Sheet